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I am a well-seasoned and highly accomplished professional with a sizeable tenure.

I have spent my experience accumulating knowledge and achieving set goals through delivering my best at every step of the way to provide optimal results. I firmly believe in establishing and maintaining the key partnerships and relationships that prove productive and allow for better performance.

I am an established professional with an analytical mindset. I have well over 15 years of experience, along with an extremely successful and proven track record at handling multiple roles and massive projects without any delays. I am highly collaborative, and I can perform exceptionally well in teams as well as by myself. I thrive in fast-paced business environments and cherish a chance to self-manage things through my innate problem-solving skills. I possess verifiable leadership, interpersonal, and communication skills that allow me to put across my side of things with a crisp point to not only peers and colleagues but also the management. I am a remarkably successful mentor to my peers and colleagues, owing to my exceptional people’s skills and have always given them the nudge in the right direction to go the extra mile.

I am positively confident in my capability to deliver impeccable results through my dedication and ability to handle multiple roles, functions, and activities deftly under high-pressure environments.

Name : Albino D. Matesic
Date of birth : June 9, 1979
Address : 61 Cedar Street, Hillsdale, NJ 07642
Email : contact@almatesic.com
Phone : 551-404-5224
Interest : freelance, full-time




Lead Web Developer / Technical Project Manager @ SWAMP80

2011 - Present


I am in charge of managing clientele and keeping up to date about assignments and managing client projects, as well as SWAMP80 projects by doing a discovery phase, executing comps, and then moving into development. I skillfully manage freelance web designers’ and developers’ projects. Managing finances for SWAMP80. I deftly network with clientele and introduce clients to new networks. I upsell new businesses and update client sites. I diligently evaluated potential software products based on new and existing system development and migration requirements. I quickly identified and suggested new technologies and tools for enhancing product value and increasing team productivity. I expertly developed code fixes and enhancements for when code has been depreciated. I modified existing software to correct errors, adapt to new hardware and improve performance. I also stress tested server code to validate code changes.

Web Developer@ MWW

2010 - 2012

I proficiently maintained client technology and data to include NJCB, FiSCA, and Virgin Airlines. I deftly created and executed project work plans to include the managing of resources aligned with budget and project schedule. I meticulously reviewed and audited deliverables of the team to ensure project qualities and service level milestones. I recommend areas of improvement for internal processes and present potential solutions. I created and administered web servers and server software to include; hosting accounts, POP3 e-mail accounts, and FTP accounts on existing solutions or new hosting solutions.

Lead Developer / Project Manager @ Spire Metrics

2006 - 2010

I skillfully created documents and maintained information systems architecture and directed internal information technology and information research. I expertly planned, implemented, and executed projects to enhance information systems infrastructure. I diligently reviewed the technical design of major information systems projects and provided technical consulting to clients. I also managed information systems technology vendor relationships and approved purchases of IT systems and services.


BS. Computer ScienceWilliam Paterson University (Wayne, NJ)

1997 - 2002